Thread regarding Shaw Communications Inc. layoffs

Execs are downplaying the layoff

Do not want public to hear about what Shaw and Freedom are doing. They need to step up and disclose all relevant info on this round of layoffs - the public needs to be aware of the things that are happening here - they are hiding layoffs from the customer and the public because they know the public will be perplexed.

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they are outsourceing or rehiring everyone at half the price.

customers are the same. just these companies have no growth.

it's a no growth business.

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The world is changing as technology and the tastes and expectations of consumers and businesses shift faster than ever before. People are increasingly choosing to not buy our industry’s legacy product offering, and people no longer want to interact with companies the way they used to—and this is especially true in our category. In the midst of these dramatic changes driven by our customers and technology, we have a critical opportunity to redefine all aspects of our operating model—from how we deliver products and services to how we manage our business.

For years, we have done well by bringing about incremental and targeted change in our business, but to thrive in the future our pace and scale of change must be more impactful. We are evolving to meet the changing needs of our consumers head on through a multi-year Total Business Transformation initiative. We must now move forward together, with deliberation and purpose.

Total Business Transformation is an intentionally disruptive program, designed to provoke critical thought and strategic action. Brad and the Shaw Family have given us the tools to pivot to a new world connectivity company: our job is to imagine that company and bring it to life.

Together, we must be focused on the customer and be unencumbered by legacy entanglements and entitlements, courageously exploring and creating a Shaw that connects Canadians to the world around them better than ever before.

Building for the Future

The company we are choosing to build will be digital by default both internally and externally. Success will require nothing less than a revolution in how we think of Shaw, and how we want our customers to see us. How we work, what we work on, and who we work with will change, and truly everyone in our organization will be impacted as we transition to a future-forward operating model that eliminates duplication, outsources expertise, breaks down silos, and leverages self-support and self-install opportunities whenever possible—all without compromising customer service excellence.

Change is not easy or comfortable, and we appreciate that this change and the work that will be required to accomplish it is not going to be attractive to everyone.

We believe you deserve the opportunity to decide for yourself if you’d like to be a part of the future direction of Shaw. To recognize this, we are implementing a Voluntary Departure Program.

The Voluntary Departure Program will provide eligible, non-union employees with the chance to both evaluate the opportunities and demands of Shaw’s future, and decide if they want to participate in it. To continue to drive the business and ensure customer experience is not affected during this program, customer-facing employees in Customer Care, Retail and Sales and their direct leaders will not be eligible for the program. This program will be made available in the future to employees currently not eligible, should business needs arise.

Employees who are eligible for the Voluntary Departure Program will receive a generous severance package delivered via email on January 31, and will have until February 14, to decide whether they choose to accept the package and leave Shaw. Departure dates will roll out over the following 2 to 18 months and will align to the outcomes of the Total Business Transformation Program. Those who accept the voluntary departure package will receive notice of their departure date between March 26, 2018 and April 6, 2018.

Eligible employees will be invited to sessions this week for more information and as always leaders, HR representatives and The Pipe are available to all employees.

Why a Voluntary Departure Program?

Shaw is in a position of strength to strategically revitalize our operational model because of the decades of contributions from thousands of employees. The vision we have for our future is possible because of the success of our collective hard work.

We know that our people are our greatest asset, and deserve respectful consideration that aligns with our values: human, caring, generous, fair, adaptive, collaborative, and high-achieving. We believe this Voluntary Departure Program upholds these values and demonstrates our commitment to our people, even as we actively pursue a leaner, more agile operating model.

This one-time offer is designed to motivate Shaw employees to think critically about their future with our company, and make realistic decisions about their role in Shaw’s evolution.

Working Smarter to Build the New Shaw

In keeping with the aspiration of Total Business Transformation, employees should expect all aspects of how business is done at Shaw to change. As we move into a new “low-touch”, digitized operating model, we cannot guarantee that what you do, where you do it, or who you do it with will stay the same—we are transforming, from the ground up.

To achieve this transformation, we will all work smarter in a re-imagined, integrated organization built for collective success. We will be fewer and the excellence of our work will increase.

We pride ourselves on being the place where the best people choose to work. As we move forward, this will not change. To be successful in the new Shaw we’re creating, our people will need to approach their role and work with an agile mindset focused on value creation, be self-led, and think strategically based on the needs of our customers.

Moving forward

We encourage all employees offered a Voluntary Departure package to take the time provided to fully consider the package with your families and trusted advisors. It’s important to us that you feel confident and supported in your decision.

This program is an intentional decision made by Shaw, motivated by gratitude, to invest in our people’s success, regardless of where they continue their career. Whether you choose to move forward with Shaw or in a new direction, know that you have played a crucial role in building our company. If you choose to take this package, we honour your contribution and your choice. Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth transition, with our thanks.

We are sincerely grateful to all of our employees for committing their time and talent to our organization. This transformation will be hard and at times uncomfortable, but the end result will be a Shaw equipped to remain capable and relevant for decades to come. We are enthusiastically building the Shaw of the future with full confidence in our collective ability to see it through.


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