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Motorola Layoffs 2018

Motorola Mobility (Lenovo) just tapped 50% of their Chicago workforce on the shoulder to let them know they are being laid off. Their expected last day of work is April 6, 2018. Sad... and to think this was my dream job getting out of college.

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For the Employees still there.... Why? Its past time to move on.

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Maybe I'll write a book, "What Happened".

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Does anyone know who Moto is using for outplacement services for this round?

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Was a very proud Motorolan during my time there and I still speak fondly of the people I stood shoulder to shoulder with. Met a number of phenominal people from around the globe that i worked with on a daily basis.

The company failed the employees clearly, what is a company without a great workforce.

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I worked there right out of college from 1998 to 2010 working on The first gsm startac all The way to The first android phone. The motorola name meant great things and a proud workforce. The engineering was phenomenal but the software was out of date. Just wraparound software to the baseband. Not like the iPhone which was software centric. We could never catchup after it was too late. I am very sad to hear all this. I met some great people there and made great friends.

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I work there but not for long. They laid off about 1000. Only about 500 left. They are in the process of closing most (soon all) of the labs. Motorola Mobility is done. They are just winding it down. There will be no support soon for the phones either. The support is from Chinese support that don't speak English and rely on bot translators. The end of an era is now.

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Isn’t Motorola providing the guts for the new RED Digital Cinema Hydrogen One phone, the one with a holographic display? Maybe that phone will take off, and lift the company...

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I loved working for Motorola before Google ran the product into the ground. I feft shortly after Lenovo came into the picture further darkening the Motorola future. The name is all that's left. Even that has been bastardized to MOTO. What a shame. Another American company that is no longer.

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Bat-Man been in trouble since about 6-7 years, after they discovered that the bat population in a cave somewhere in UK had swindled. They as a group been really at the forefront of communication & wireless industries inception.

Alas it was too late, only if we could have protected the Bat-Man cave !!

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It is sad to hear Moto is laying off more people, ( I heard around 240 from Merchandise Mart) but somehow I don't feel bad. It wasn't hard to predict this scenario for the company looking back in my days there. I worked for Moto Mobility between 2010-2015 and I smelled bad things starting from my hire. Layoffs 2 times per year. It was devastating to sit on a team meeting, discussing new project assignments and next moment hear that your buddies we're locked down from accessing network because their time in Motorola ended. Finally I was laid off as well in 2015. It was a huge relief. I ended up finding a more stable technology company and happy with it. So, for those who got booted from Moto. Don't look back. There are other great places in the area that will give you employment.

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I think it's time Motorola employees gives the public the ability to unlock our Verizon Moto Z phones.

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Another formerly-great company brought down by underestimating the competition and the Iphone.

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Lenovo just needs Moto logo to sell its sh!tphones in the US. It was funny but Moto wanted to hire me back 1 year ago.

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I heard it was a little north of 50% of Development Engineering. Not sure of the absolute number. Plus a few others from various departments who they wanted to let go. Been rumored for 3-4 weeks now. Just the Chicago location at the Mart. Last day for all is April 5-6. Doesn't bode well for future products. Once their sweetheart office lease deal at the Merchandise Mart is up I predict they will move out. I hope Google next door hires this talented bunch of engineers.

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Anyone hearing about similar layoffs for the Lenovo PC division or was this limited to Moto only?

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Another merger take over etc. bites the dust. They are desperate measures to keep afloat. The Moto line is pure junk.

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Hopefully something good comes from this hint hint leak device trees

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I heard it was 35%, I know it must feel like 50% and they did not disclose numbers. It's a sad week and some great engineers were lost.

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Can someone tell me what Geographical areas and/or parts of the company should be informed about this layoff and I'll make sure I tweet and push things through Facebook/reddit so more people know about this discussion.

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But what about the Moto G6 renders that came?

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I could not understand why do they keep low prices in emerging countries for so long...

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Yeah, I'm not seeing the potential. They make largely unrealible products, from modern version of Thinkpads to cells. Do you remember when Thinkpads lasted 15 years? I do.

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Some affected Motorolans say it was around 30% while others say 50%. Being in there shoes before (93 - 2015) it probably felt more like 50% but was actually 30%. But it doesn't matter! The Motorola of yesteryear is no more. Sad...

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Its not 50% they kept it under WARN act threshold so somewhere between 150-190. This tells there will be one more this year. Since the Lenovo Top tier Mobile devices is not gaining momentum among the consumers and to turn around and show profit somehow these cost cutting strategy has started to eventually close down development in US and move all that to China, India and Brazil.

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But what's the reason of lay-off???

Back in 2016 they did this !!!

Are they gonna replace the layer off with someone else or what ?

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Company with great potential. Sad to see the layoff actually happened in Chicago, they even layoff people who were hired within a year.

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It was my dream job out of college, and I worked there until I got laid off in 2016 in the round just before this one.

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