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Sprint Corp. will cut 500 jobs from its Overland Park headquarters in the coming weeks

KC Biz Journal has the story.

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That makes a lot of sense. It sounds like marketing in OP has been relatively safe so far. If they weren’t included in this last week’s massacre, I’m assuming they might survive.

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HAHA. Pretty smart. Sprint puts out a press release to get in front of the story, stating it will cut "500 jobs FROM ITS OVERLAND PARK HEADQUARTERS . . . " Of course, getting in front of the story doesn't allow any reporters to ask what is the TOTAL number of employees being cut.

As one of those Sprint employees who works in one of Sprint's many satellite offices, I learned my position was being eliminated, along with most of the other employees in my office (approximately 50 in my office alone). Through the grapevine, I heard that these layoff notifications were occurring throughout the country in other satellite offices and that the actual reduction is very significant, close to 1/3 of Sprint's workforce (which is obviously significantly higher than 500 . . . ).

Not sure if this was the right strategy for how best to handle. All it will take is one or two disgruntled recent-laid off employee to say something to a connected person (i.e., spouse/relative reporter, etc.) who will dig and maybe ambush Marcelo at the earnings call.

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