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I worked for Babies R Us (California) in one of the first 180 stores to close. We officially closed our doors and my last day of employment was April 3, 2018. I HAVE YET TO BE PAID MY WAGES. I was informed on my last day that we will not be paid until what would have been our next "pay date" on April 13, 2018. It is my understanding that this is in violation of the California Labor Law and that they must pay me until that date. Does anyone have any input on this?? As a side note I m still able to access my Workday (from another store by a current employee) using my employee login. Could this indicate that I am still considered employed by Toys R us/Babies R us?

Reposted from @ScZMUcB-olao in hopes more people will see this and offer an answer. I'm in a similar position, so if anybody has any info, it would be highly appreciated.

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