Thread regarding Liberty Mutual layoffs

Liberty mutual outside sales

Here’s what’s allegedly happening.

✔️Life department- bought out.

✔️Local Sales offices “allegedly” closing. Bye bye!

✔️Branch managers- goodbye (“allegedly”)! Won’t need those now becauseeeee.......

✔️Bolt/captive insurance brokers here we come!! You’re ALREADY doing it. Don’t worry, pay won’t get any better. Liberty gets a GREAT chunk (100% profit), and no claims burdens on their shoulders!

✔️Want to be competitive with geico and state farm etc?!

✔️Have a sales assistance? Great! YOUR job is pretty secure! If you don’t- good luck! I’m sure the measly severance packages will help with a nice little vacation. To the ones with the sales assistance making the big bucks..would you like to own your OWN liberty mutual office?

✔️...Great because soon liberty will launch FRANCHISES... sounds awesome right?! You’ll have that alleged opportunity soon!

✔️ Buy into liberty mutuals “great” company b.s... you and the hundreds of other gullibles... work for them! It’ll be GREAT! The top dogs reeeeeeally appreciate their bonuses!!

Don’t believe it... look at the job portal, talk to the folks. It’s blatant.

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Any new updates regarding this?

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Liberty Mutual is a place for sub par sales reps that are happy to have a job.They depend on Liberty giving them leads and sales managers recoding polices that customer service has written into Reps names that they want to help.The only problem when the free leads stop coming and the managers get caught doing that theses reps will fail

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Liberty mutual is a place we’re they have many reps who are below average and will put up with the bs until they get fired

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