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Why you shouldn't work as an application engineer or consultant at synopsys

I am currently working as synopsys application engineer let me not give out the details like which product .

But it's really sad working at synopsys application engineer or consultant teams we are UNDER STAFFED. Paid very less for the amount of work we put in. Our money comes from all the classes which intel and other companies subscribe for. The more these people subscribe the better for our teams. During end of the year we get our budgets for next year because that's the time frame when big corporations subscribe for synopsys classes

Salary growth is stagnant . Because we don't have any produce we basically support . We are expendable . Very few get hired and many are fired and new recruits are hired . Jobs are shipped to India

Zebu fpga product has lot of hiring going on in application engineer side

My manager once told me after I came from a long travel to report to work immidetely he didn't allow me to come two hours late to work even though I will have Jet lag ; he said that if he can do even I should report on time . He sounded like it's army . He is a A trump fan.

I should hav reported him to HR which I didn't

Jobs are being shipped to India and China

The seniors are very talented because they supported for years to get her but are they smart I don't think so. Are they arrogant ? Hell yes .

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Jobs moving to less expensive countries. It's a race to the bottom now, as far as salary and work conditions go. Senior people being offered severances or being outright laid off (depending on age) Diversity an issue in VG business unit.

No longer can recommend this company as a great place to work. In fact, for the poor souls left, it's quite the opposite.

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synopsys is loosing market share and good talent. It's becoming just a support center with teams sitting in India to support world-wide customers.

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Synopsys is loosing market share to cadence

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Has there been a layoff recently?

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Funny that there are now 5 levels of management(FLM, Dir, gr Dir, Group Dir, Group Dir, VP) between an AE and a VP in some orgs (esp vg) whereas there was only 2 levels before. Too many spreadsheet ppl between AE n VP(all that is needed is flm, dir , vp). Btw, op. margins can very well be improved cutting all the deadwood in mgmt, esp in vg in mountainview.

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