Thread regarding CGG Veritas layoffs

pay rises

anyone get one?

i didn't :-(

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12.5% payrise or promotion?

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Massey HR

Woo-hoo! I’m going to Euro Disney

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malcor will get his package.....its written into his contract....published in the company accounts

reward for failure.......common in big business

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As long as they cross the line and management can claim their final salary pensions and Jean-George’s can take his package, I don’t think they care what happens after that

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redhill average is between 2-3%

no promotions - just teams renamed/reshuffled

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What about Crawley?

And the 9% on the bonds is a shocker of a rate. Getting into credit card territory, what are they thinking, profit for ongoing work will be lower in the current competitive environment.

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Depends who you ask or want to include. Somewhere between 45-70. Out of about 130 people in total. 12 resignations this year alone, all technical staff!

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How many scientific staff left in north wales now?

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Wouldn't worry about this. Nominal (£1-2K) pay 'rises' (after nothing for 4 years) as wages lagged behind inflation - associated with the pathetic round of 'promotions' in North Wales to do exactly the same job as before in (reaction to the continual wave of resignations - another 2 this week) - is just an insult, tolerated by the fools naive enough to remain. Nobody in their right mind & with self respect who left the North Wales site would return for all the tea in china.

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Find another job if you are not happy.

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What did you get?

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I did thanks

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oh dear. guess i better crack on with a cv then :-(

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You'll be sorry to read this and grateful at the same time.

Previously zero bonuses and zero payrises are individuals flagged for the next round of redundancy.

Dont wait for it, prep your CV and start testing other employers for work. That way you cover your bases.

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