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Exodus of seasoned, experienced employees , is it true?

Heard Allscripts is experiencing a mass exodus of experienced staff while leadership keeps growing and doing even less. Can anyone comment? Heard largest collection of dead weight leadership is regrouping and floating into the services bowl with the other POS? Can anyone confirm?

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Yes. That is a very accurate description. Leadership is useless and ineffectual. Anyone still working on sales team are unhappy and staying with the hope to receive commissions they are due. Everyone is quietly looking for a job. Fleeing as fast as they can.

They cheat sales people out of commissions across the board and the comp plan they force you to sign gives them the right to do so. They pushed out a guy who closed the most business last year just to avoid paying him and, legally, they could. It’s a scummy thing to do but... that’s the style of Allscripts. It is a toxic, negative work environment and anyone any good can’t tolerate it for any length of time. Sinking ship.

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Sounds true now...

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