Thread regarding CGG Veritas layoffs

2 in Redhill :-(

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One retired at Redhill. One was terminated for ? misconduct ?

That's hardly a round of redundancies.

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Guessing the Q1 numbers aren't going to be that great then??

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Houston looks to be on the chopping block for tomorrow. Lets see what happens after this town hall!

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You start to wonder if CGG is underhandedly attempting to decimate certain sites in the hope they either go extinct or eventually close them.

There’s parallels to what’s going on in North Wales. We were understaffed at our last redundancy round, subsequently lots of people have left of their own accord to the point we can’t staff projects properly anymore. There’s no way that can be profitable, but perhaps that’s the plan!

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Senior management and HR have to reduce staff somehow as we know if if they looked at themselves they could reduce their headcount by 90% and nobody would notice the difference

But would you do that in their shoes

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Why are redhill losing people?

I do not understand how the operation can be overstaffed.

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How many left?

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