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I was recently hired into Office Depot and am already a recent ex-employee after 2-weeks. I had one day of computer training in the store manager's office, then basically out to the floor to run the Print Services Counter with no training.

Wasn't informed that the supervisor position was considered coverage and was thrown to the wolves to run the print counter by myself with no official training for 2-3 hours a day until the 1st part-time print specialist came in.

Oh yeah...30-minutes for a "lunch/meal break" isn't enough time to even go get anything to eat and get back to work Office Depot really needs to work on their scheduling and training, but most of all, be honest about the work requirements when hiring someone!

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Same thing happened to me at the Arnold, Missouri store: computer training on safety and company policies but absolutely no training on how to do anything in Print Services. They didn't even train how to use the machines. It was "figure it out as you go" which, of course, frustrated customers and ruined many print jobs. I stayed long enough to learn everything through trial-and-error and got a 15ยข/hr. raise for it., thanks. I quit.

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