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Doing away with health insurance and retirement

Wow, are the top execs planning on doing away with health insurance and retirement? If so, that is extremely sad. I for one and glad I left before all this went down. Out of Rancho and I couldn't be happier. I think my last day of work there was one of the happiest days of my life, I couldn't even fake being sad like the others. I just got another pop up that rancho is looking once again for another advisor. That's what, like 5 or 6 people that quit one department in less than a 16 months? I never realized things were so bad that they're either firing their advisors for not maintaining their minimum number of students starting, or their employees are quiting due to all these changes and life-support style micromanagement. Tuition is just too high.

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That's odd that someone would copy my comment that I left on another post and paste it here as a post. I'm the one who wrote this post as a response to someone asking if the top exects are really doing away with these things. I just find it odd that someone took the time to create a post from my comment.

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No health insurance?

You might be better off. UTI is self insured and sticking it to the employees anyway. Costs a fortune to have insurance there.

I left 5 years ago, my health insurance is half even now with far better coverage.

No retirement, no benefits? Layoffs?

You guys would better with union representation.

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