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Dont get discouraged.

Keep your eyes on the goal. This company has no need for any of us. Each day you are collecting pay. There is no future to make more or move up unless you are willing to sell your soul and are a cold meaningless person. Paychecks people! Keep your mouth shut. Being proactive puts a major target on your back. Keep your head down and remember you cant make a difference here. Help your friends and coworkers and KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. There is so much insecurity and filth here and with most corporations. They think we arent listening and are clueless but we all know they are wrong.

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30% cut where? Of what?

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30% cut in workforce on 3-22-18. TechnipFMC has to date laid off over 7000 people worldwide. Continuing to move more engineering departments to India.

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Bubba sold his soul. Got a dollar and change.

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