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Praying for Sprint Employees

After experiencing over 10 years of lay offs. Stressing over if it would be me. Impacting my health and family life. Trying to figure out the method and reason for choosing who goes next. Watching top performers and highly dedicated loyal workers walked out while those who did little and knew little were safe. Finally after 27 years of service my position was eliminated. Although it was frightening and painful as in a breakup or being dumped I decided to remain positive lean on my Faith and immediately started applying for jobs. Found a much better position more money and less stress. You can’t control or know if or when Sprint will let you go. Just be prepared. Start networking. Get your resume updated and think positive. My prayer for each of you is for success be it with or without Sprint. I know how hard you work at Sprint after 27 years. That hard work will allow you to shine with a new company if that is the hand you are dealt. Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Families. #sprintlayoffmademylifebetter

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Today, after 21 years and 15 days, I was officially separated from Sprint due to organizational changes and cost cuts. Over those years I worked with some wonderful people that became more like family than coworkers. I believe things happen for a reason and look forward to the new adventures and challenges that await me. I will dearly miss my Sprint family and wish them the best in their careers. It is now my time to search for where my future will lead! Wish me luck! Thank you Sprint for providing a fulfilling career, motivation for completing my Masters Degree in Business Administration, and opportunities to build my skill set beyond anything I would have ever imagined.

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