Thread regarding CGG Veritas layoffs

40% Tax Fiasco On Bonus Payments For A Large Number Of Basic Rate UK Employees!!!

Just when you think you've seen it all!! Never mind HR and payroll are helpful. NOT!!!!!!!

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Just seen an email where the writer used "no" instead of "know" !

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I don't think the Silver Fox would post on here....

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Manager of the NSea Processing group?

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You obviously had someone in mind, mid 50's Crawley, who?

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I cashed my 50% underperformance and ex-pat bonus check, invested in Amazon, shorted Facebook (and CGG) and just gave my butler the week off while I holiday in Marbella

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Prima Donnas like Spell Checker are what drove CGG into the abyss. Might we guess an ‘underserviced’ mid-50’s gent from Crawley?

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tbh i do not understand why cgg continues to pay out a bonus to anyone.

those in a higher tax bracket certainly don't need it.

when cgg plunged into debt all non-salaried payments/benefits (company cars) should have stopped,

xmas parties, summer bbq, subsidised social/sports actvities should have been curtailed.

crawley and redhill both had rooms converted for sports and recreation leading to staff spending 2-3 hours in there at a time (excluding lunch hours)

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LOOSE = free or released from fastening or attachment

LOSE = to come to be without a possession; suffer a loss

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Half the company looses there jobs. Families loose their homes, no income for life basics. Someone is complaining there bonus tax needs sorting out. If anyone knows who this is please quietly take them to one side, explain the reality of the situation and they should consider an apology to what this community has been through.

Employment should be first and foremost ahead of bonus. For all those desparately seeking work, if even one position could be made and a good hardworking ex employee given a job back this should come first.

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