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Walgreens Family Gone.

The last Walgreens family member left the board room several years ago . The MBA's took over slashing benefits and using the money for expansion. Their mantra , own it and get paid less " .

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Changes is coming. Alot products that's in the store that dont do do well in your store will be eliminated. There is alot of wasted spaces. What work for one location in sale might not work for another. Now they will bring in product that bring profits and let go others. Boots way of things has change and also Walgreens. Expect more change in the future. How you operate the store and how much you bring in revenue will effect your score and maybe your job. Eye wide open!

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Even their employees got the slash too of benefits and hours in the US. Everyone will be effected. Frontier is for staff to become leaders and solve issues on there own. This is called cut the middle man out..

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