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Don't fall for the AECOM Brand or the hype put out by AECOM.

20+ years working from the Woodward-Clyde days through to URS, and now the AECOM buy-out. AECOM is the single worst firm I've ever worked for. AECOM will not pay supplier/vendor/subconsultant/subcontractor invoices every third month for the sole purpose of showing more cash on the books. Most suppliers/vendors/subconsultants/subcontractors do not know this because it is not told to them, nor is this policy in the contracts these companies sign with AECOM.

Mostly older colleagues being let go on a monthly basis. Management changes so often that most really can't keep track of who does what. Nepotism is rampant. Favoritism at top levels, regardless of performance, is worse than the nepotism.

Some lay-offs are without reason and come as such a surprise, it leaves the remaining staff confused, sad, and stressed. People are numbers only. Harassment is common, bullying even more so.

Some smaller, more "autonomous" offices are better shielded from some of the chaos and stress.

AECOM bases every decision, I do mean Every Decision, on the bottom line only, with no regard on how it will affect employee morale or job stress. AECOM is forcing office moves to open-office spaces causing undue stress and less productivity - the cost savings is the bottom line. Especially when those who have been burdened with working in an open floor plan now choose to work at home just to get some measurable productivity until they can find a job elsewhere.

AECOM uses the outdated, inaccurate, and unwise employee review process known as the "Rank and Yank" or "Bell Curve Method." ALL employees' rankings (from 1 being the superstar to 9 being the worst) must fit the bell curve. If the curve isn't achieved, well, just change the rankings of some or many to ensure the statistics result in a bell curve (regardless of true employee performance). Then, yank those who ranked the worst, or use the numbers as justification for no raises, or low raises in salary.

Benefits get worse by the year.

AECOM likes to say it is concerned about employee safety, but that has not been my experience, nor the experience of my colleagues, unless it affects profit. It's a false face worn by those in power positions, especially the CEO.

AECOM outsources nearly every job it can. This is not a company that helps Americans. That is by no means an exaggeration. For the ample, nearly all IT assistance is handled by firms in Mexico, Europe, or India.

AECOM is focused on two things: it's Brand, and the bottom line. That's all.

Don't fall for the Brand or the hype put out by AECOM. You do not want to work for this firm when it crashes, and it will crash.

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AECOM doesn't pay their subs. First hand knowledge. It's been a hug e challenge getting paid and 8 months after finishing work, we're still owed money. They just keep saying "we haven't been paid by the client".

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I got out slightly before the URS merger; happiest day of my professional life after working for AECOM for 5 yrs. All the things being discussed on this board about ethics, and managers, etc. all was the case during my tenure. I cannot tell you how many times I was blamed for things I had nothing to do with. Throwing people under the bus is management's way of having the herd cull itself. The best way to sc-ape off the greasy residue that comes from working for AECOM is to find another, better paying gig where you're not cursed at and treated like garbage. AECOM is only good for deciding what not to do. If they did it at AECOM, 99.99% of the time, it was a bad, sleezy, or futile decision.

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100% agree. AECOM ethics is sorely lacking. That's what happens when you hire a CEO who was fired for shady business at his previous company.

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Being broken up into smaller companies would be the best thing that could happen. In the last 2.5 years with this company, all I can say is that they are BIG. That's all; just big.

I am client focused, and delivery driven; but a good chunk of my time is spent documenting revenue: get paid; forecast; forecast; slice count the money, etc. I don't find anyone particularly interested in knowing if the project is successful or if our reputation is being bolstered for future work. It's "how much money is coming in?, when is it coming in?, can you bring it in faster?".

Employee skill development is nil. There is no investment in professional development.

And, as to the shared, open office plan - it breaks me. I will work from home, from my car, from a coffee shop; but that open office is just grinding.

I don't see the future here, either. For now, I'm marching along, safely cloistered on a construction site (which is quieter than the open office!). I can see it already; the folks who make the bigger bucks are positioning themselves to grab as much as they can in the remaining time.

If I had stock, I'd offload it.

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I agree on their shady payment process with vendors. I talked with somebody today who refuses to do business with AECOM because they don't pay. Their numbers report each month to Wall Street is just a front and scam. People like Burke, Werner, Aga and Ledford are crooked to their soul. I'm left hoping that the firm does go bankrupt and collapse. Sooner or later the SEC is going to investigate their shady bookkeeping practices and all those guys will go to jail!

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Got out 2 years ago. Now I'm LMFAO.

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I couldn’t agree more. All the directors that have made huge changes to the company in the past 3 or so years have now left, and left an absolute mess.

This company will collapse, and be broken back up in to smaller companies.

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