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Walk the talk-Freezing of Cognizant Accounts

Think about it, these people give us , who are paying taxes honestly ,training on ethics, business integrity and what not..😂😂😂.Had a similar behavior or mistake happened from an employee they would have thrown him out... but would the finance head of India or head of CTS will loose their job, in our dreams 😂

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Only the lower level slaves are considered to do all the mandatory training's on ethics, fairness & transparency. Higher & middle level are un aware of all these training, that's why we see alot of background corruption's coming out in public.

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On top of that, an individual person would be treated and likely put in jail. Whereas companies ONLY pay penalties. As if a company is a person (conveniently defined so under law).

You gotta love this drama of 🐖🐖🐖

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