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How is the layoff list determined?

In the last few layofffs, I was surprised to see certain individuals let go. One can only imagine it was done intentionally rather than for the sake of growing the business. In some cases management protects who they like. It makes no sense to me. In some departments, you can honestly say with confirmation black individuals don't have a chance. They are shrinking in numbers drastically. While in other departments, if you are white with a Latin or Asian boss and you are the minority....well you are screwed too if you don't get along with the program. So what is the layoff strategy to determines who goes or who stays?

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You kidding me.. He got Golden Parachute. May be you need to do your investigation properly.

TG pushed him out. TG found out all the scams he was doing with Micro Strategy..

Took for team.. ROFL!!!!

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Smokeyboy1, you are pretty naive if you don't realize that "Capt Chaos" was laid off and didn't retire. In fact, he spared others by taking one for the team. He cared for his team and did his best to see that there was the least impact.

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The list in ESC-IT is made by one guy. Capt. Chaos. Who acts like Soprano. If he likes you, you are good.

If not you are gone. Not based on your work performance. If they don't like you they will write fake reviews. That SB is retired now But his cronies are still there. It is unfortunate for people who are doing hard work. These bas cheat on their wives, use their power in office on female employees.

Have seen it and was asked to keep my mouth shut indirect way.

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I agree. It's hard being black in the labs. Majority rules and you don't have a voice unless you want to be a trouble maket. Best to leave... Sadly the token few who are climbing are scared to be associated with just anyone.

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