Thread regarding FMC Technologies Inc. layoffs

More layoffs incoming at FMC?

I've been hearing rumors that learning group was just the beginning and that we are looking at more layoffs in the coming weeks.

Any chance somebody on here has heard more about this and can share some more info with us? Or is it just fear talking and we are done with layoffs for now?

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Heads will roll. June 15. It is unofficially confirmed.

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Any more news guys? Plans for early June?

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cuts continued this week but not mass layoffs.certain groups still overstaffed - predict those as future targets.

huge spectrum in extent of technical individuals pulling own weight and generating any benefit.many doing bare minimum to remain under out-of-touch manager's radar.working 9/63s.future cuts will lower morale if shirkers remain.

waiting for oil boom to replace disgruntled blood.

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Large section of Subsea Services are moving to Europe and India.

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Yep. They laying off everyone. Company is shutting it's doors

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Please let Bubba go!!

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