Thread regarding CGG Veritas layoffs

Huge turnover

If you want to truly realize how bad situation is at CGG Veritas, just look at our turnover.

We are literally losing people on weekly bases these days, and most of them are our best workers.

Frankly, CGG doesn't need layoffs, they just need to stop hiring people to replace those who have left.

There is no way we will survive if it continues like this.

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Spell checker is what we call a nightmare team member.

Contributes nothing useful

Annoys other members of the team

Slows down progress by interfering where not wanted

Off task


Basically useless and everyone desperate to be rid of them. However is too thick to realise they are the problem.

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Spell checker piss off add a comment or just play with yourself

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"losing people on weekly bases"

Hey @T6JQa2L - Brilliant! Which 'bases' are these? On what basis do you make these claims?

Perhaps this will help:

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too many plodders

4 hour breaks; extended ping pong matches; judicious use of internet/games/facebook

one plodder recently escorted from redhill for one of these offences

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Crawley Managementt and HR leading a team pleased to be plodding and an obsolete Redill mega centre model.

Keeping it going is cruel, please put it down.

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Yes there’s nothing wrong with people working hard but not many do. You have people who play video games during meetings, watch television programs at their desks and use company time to work on their personal business or contracts and take 10x the amount of time to finish basic tasks. These arrogant people believe they are great assets to the company and CGG must agree since they are still employed.

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"those left behind are the plodders. they are not interested in bonuses - just want to turn up and get thru the day."

Let me guess, you are a high-flying super-achiever heading towards your second Nobel prize and not in need of money to pay the mortgage? There's nothing wrong with good people, working hard and having an appropriate work/life balance.

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those left behind are the plodders. they are not interested in bonuses - just want to turn up and get thru the day.

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So CGG is plodding with the walking dead, massively on debt, good people leaving and paying those left behind bonuses.

Why do those investors keep piling in...

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It's hard growing in a company that's not investing in their people and and helping them to grow to achieve great things.

It means, the good people with drive who want to get somewhere in life leave and the ones that want to plod along stay.

CGG cannot buy loyalty, they need to earn it from the good employees

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OMG CGG are you still there? You are a miracle in survival. Who else could survive in a tough market with all those outgoings and just $500m in cash (well $245- as you have to keep half back for the massive interest payments on those junk bonds). Your best chance is your new CEO whose job it is to pull out of the dive orchestrated by the last CEO. You are going to have to find some more cash soon but you have done that successfully before. Have some faith, maybe a few sell-offs (but that would probably be welcomed by employees) and you might just make it.

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Cgg should review their expatriate’s terms and conditions. Some have worked beyond six-year limit in the same region, which is not healthy for cost and motivation of good local people who contribute as much. They will not put in heart to train potential successors and will always try to keep themselves important in the region. More will be leaving if low bonus and increment continue to apply to the bottom line only.

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As cynical as it may sound, I think management prefer that people quit rather than lay them off. Primarily because you don't have to pay them out with any severance, but also because you can hire someone cheaper to replace them with, without having to cook up any new titles or roles to skirt the legal ramifications of hiring for positions you've terminated.

Sadly, I feel this is CGG's new business model as it pertains to their employees.

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