Thread regarding BT layoffs

BT is currently begging around for cheap workforce.

Typical BT outsourcing manager - tries to make requirements ambiguous and get work done for free by browbeating the outsourcing partner managers (they pay as little as 25% for 100% work)

if the person on other side takes precautions nd resists exploitation, the BT manager set up stage managed escalation and take issue to COO and CEO Level and get the person fired. So no professional wants to work on BT projects.

NT must look to Africa and middle east where slave labour is legal. Thy can consult BBC who regularly carry stories about horror tales in middle east workplaces.

The Indian origin manager in BT UK (punjabi sikh groups) seems to be especially talented in getting work done for free and claiming huge bonuses and using all sorts unethical tactics and blatant lying and avoiding committing any thing in writing.

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