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Flexing was a nice perk; however, how many companies offer it? Grow up. Companies move all the time. Employees either move too or find something else, sorry this is how the real world works. Whining on here will not change your situation

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That would be a mistake. We do what our management tells us to do. We never talk back and take it like a champ. This is strong in our culture. Leadership says take low return projects with unrealistic goals like 30% buydowns and we say yes sir.

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CBI employees have a real sense of entitlement. We should randomly fire some of them for no reason just to shut the rest of them up.

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Companies do not care about talent or quality. They want cheap and dirty so the executives can get a bigger bonus. Let me ask you, when is the last time you bought something and it worked like it should without problems? Something to think about.

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Where? Not a lot. Aramco. Chevron. Most places on the best places to work list. But isnt the point to attract and keep talented with a "nice perk" that costs nothing? Or is the point to provide the least competitive benefits? Vote on your favorite slogan for the next jobs fair.

"McDermott. Bare minimum of flair."

"McDermott. Benefits like McDonalds. But nowhere near your house."

"McDermott. We know you could work anywhere else. We know you probably will. So why lose money on you in the meantime."

"McDermott benefits. Race to the bottom. The Eason we like kilts."

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Maybe Smarty McCubicle can Google it when she's done with Snap.

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