Thread regarding Tesla Motors layoffs

Have these people already been notified?

My dad works at Tesla, and I haven't heard anything from him about these layoffs.

Reading the post from Musk on Facebook I got the impression that all the people who were getting laid off were already notified, which would mean he is safe.

Is this true? Or am I misreading something and notifications are yet to go out?

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Safe? WTF kind of mentality is that?

He works at a company, and if he's no longer needed, he'll get the axe.

For the life of me, I cannot understand people and their expectations or emotions about their jobs. It's a dang job, not your entire life!!!!!

Move on, work somewhere else. Or start your own gig!

I've been laid off before from company downsizing. You survive, and go one to the next job. No big deal.

Kinda like divorce. Once it happens, you think WTF? That s---ed, but it isn't the end of the world.

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Because he is a proud man who wouldn't tell me or anybody else even if he was worried about his job.

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Why not ask your dad

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