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How long before it starts?

How long does it usually take after a merger for layoffs to start? Do we at least have a few months while the dust on the whole deal settles or will it start sooner than that?

I've heard many horror stories since yesterday and I'm not sure anymore what to believe. Any info would be appreciated.

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Q4 layoffs are been planned as we speak, it was nice meeting you Time Warner, But YOU need to go, I need my job at AT&T

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It will be swift, painful, and will last many years.

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As soon as they can get someone in India to do your work for cheap you are gone.

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Hey, everyone ...

A legacy DIRECTV guy here. Let me tell you a bit about what all the new kids are in store for.

First, get ready for a lot of ridiculous bureaucracy, red tape, inertia, and pointless "rules". The deathstar loves them. It gives level 3 and higher types a feeling like they're actually doing something, no matter how badly it impacts the normal flow.

Also, get ready for some serious culture shock. There will be a LOT of propaganda about how AT&T has a similar culture to TW, but it's a pack of lies. T is a Texas company, with Texas attitude - it's all a bunch of aw shucks nonsense while they strip away anything that scares them. Oh, and they are all cheerleaders and will expect you to drink their Dallas kool-ade in big, heaping gulps.

And let's not forget your new "leader". Stankey will prove to be a ham-handed bean-counter with no concept of the creative process, and at best will bring a drudgery and lack of vision. At worst, he'll take ham-handed control of things and put Marky-Mark Wahlberg in every movie.

As far as layoffs, oh yeah, they're coming. Expect a few early-retirees at first, but the big wave will probably not happen for about 6-8 months. When they swallowed DTV, they waited to make sure the employees got relaxed before the axe fell. And it fell hard. Even worse, we saw an influx of these Texasholes show up in El Segundo, bringing their demand for corporate allegiance with them.

Lastly, in case any of you were still unsure I will leave you with two facts:

  1. AT&T worked tirelessly to kill net neutrality, and is now working to prevent states from implementing their own version

  2. AT&T hired Mark Cohen ti gain influence.

Welcome to the deathstar!

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You honestly never know here. The fact that they will lie to your face to keep you working until the last minute doesn't help.

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