Thread regarding Exterran Holdings Inc. layoffs

1.4 million

That's the amount of Mr.Way bonus last year. Odd thing is Exterran suspended the bonus program company wide. How's that happen? and management wonders why the employees are unhappy and leaving?

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If you think that’s bad, the first year he was here and was laying off people by the thousands, he took a 4mil bonus while the oil market was in the trash.

Andrew is a leach that cares about nothing but putting other people’s money in his wallet, while having his little yes men blowing him under the table while telling him how good he is at his job. He’s not but don’t let that stop him from going on an apology tour pointing the finger at everyone else for his inability to lead. He’s a pile of sh-- that needs to wrap his Porsche around a tree on the way home from work.

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