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Cultural Integration Summits

Has anyone been selected to join one of the cultural integration summits? If so, what is being covered?

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All that b--ching about how Shaw resisted integration and was never cooperative.....legacy cbi is doing the exact same thing Shaw did.

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So he was fired because he's stupid ?

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The VP OD&T was NOT a performance issue. He was one of the few people with integrity and was openly disgusted with how much $$$ the CBI CEO and other 4th floor execs convinced the CBI Board to give them to leave. He refused to take a $100K lease vehicle unlike the rest of those greedy f-ers.

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Filled the job already. Sounds more like cost cutting. Better him than me. Counting my blessings, wasn't sniped today.

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Hard to say. He was complaining about how unhappy he was and how unfair things were to anyone who would listen behind leaderships back. Pretty typical behavior for said person.

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So was it performance or that they didn’t see eye to eye with the top dog?

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The cut in OD&T was a performance issue. They are actively looking for a replacement.

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McDermott is going to find out that anyone can buy a multibillion dollar project and create work processes that in turn create change order opportunities. Then they’ll realize that CB&I overpaid employees to create the gouging culture and anybody can execute a project more efficiently.

The culling continues and McDermott is going to find out that the technology business isn’t near what they said it was and the cycle is such that it will devalue technology for a few years. Houston we have a problem (its called the Woodlands culture). Soon McDermott will be just tanks.

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CFO ask CEO what if we train our people and they leave?

CEO if we don't train them I will get a bigger bonus. We are not into this for the long haul.

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Is the cut of OD&at reflective, of how much training and development will happen moving forward?

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Well. Looks like more exec cuts. V.P. OD&T got cut. Probably figured out the issues.

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Sounds like CB&I and Lummus all over again. We don't know what we are doing so lets get everyone together and figure out how to move forward. Here's your sign!

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Your kidding right.

They are not going to invite anyone who hasn’t already shown a tendency to give the politically correct response to any question.

No differing opinions need be expressed.

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