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Dismal enrollment numbers

Dismal numbers. UTI is truly on life support. I can't imagine how unbearable it must be to be a UTI rep and a financial aid advisor. The pressure must be extreme. Reps enrolling students, and financial aid advisors pressured into acting like telemarketers every week to avoid having these kids and parents cancel. From what I recall, if your students cancelled, it counted against you, if they started class with incomplete funding counts against you. UTI hit the Hispanic market hard, many times these kids have undocumented parents who can't get parent loans, which made it a lot easier, first time college students are easier to talk to because they don't know to get a second opinion about cost at various schools. The problem is that no one wants to pay their high tuition, except for people who don't know any better. It's a sad reality. The UTI model worked in the 90s and in the early 2000s they were still reaping the benefits. Money wasted everywhere. By the mid 2000s, they choked and the noose has been getting tighter ever since. America and the US government have gotten wise as to the perils of for-profit education. I don't know why Mike Rowe praises technical schools as an alternate affordable option to college without knowing the crippling cost that families have to pay out or get into debt to cover.

A tip to students go get a certificate at a community college, you can still apply for additional training at Toyota, Ford, Mercedes etc without a UTI piece of paper certificate.

A tip to UTI employees: get out while you still can.

On a last note, let's talk about TRIP. Higher education is under scrutiny and schools cannot guarantee employment. I believe from 2015-2016 there was a huge push by admissions to really press on about tuition reimbursement. Many students and parents believed they would get their tuition reimbursed because their rep told them that once they graduate and get a job, employers will pay back their loans. Therefore, for the first time, they were more than willing to take out loans. I heard this expectation from students with my own ears (things like "well my employer will pay those loans back" "can you tell me when my loans will be repaid for me?") It was a very dangerous gray line and I disagreed completely with the communication UTI reps were giving families. I couldn't bear the idea of these kids coming back in a year or two saying UTI lied to them about "TRIP". I quit due to this concern. I certainly hope this practice has ended. No whistle blowers I see. UTI only had one whistle blower and they settled out of court, I believe.

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I just started as a field rep for UTI, finishing up training now. I’ve been in the industry my entire life and have seen first hand the decline of technicians entering the field. I’ve trained hundreds of apprentice techs and by and large the UTI grads were far more ready to work than any others, including ones directly out of factory training. I’ve hired hundreds of techs from all walks of life and it’s the same story. Bad apples fill every bunch but if you’re a poor enough judge of talent to repeatedly hire subpar techs, we’ll my friend it’s not UTI’s fault maybe you need to revamp your entire process.

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Rancho just started over 100 new students. Amazing.

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I’m really surprised they’ve stayed open this long. They seem to have gotten rid of a lot of top payed employees via lay off or firing in the last couple of years and when they’ve re-opened the postition, they won’t re-hire who they layed off due to “cost” or outright embarrassment. A truly piss poor ran company.

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As they graduate and or dropout the enrolment keeps going further and further down the tube. Probably no more layoffs though. We will just starve you out.

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