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Here they go again

Bought ReachLocal (a company whose reputation we used to trash when they were our competitors), installed their execs in Gannett and let them start running the show. Karen Ferguson leaves to spend more time with her family. Reorg then put on hold. Now migrating accounts spending less than $12k to a call center (cheap labor and bad service). Laying off salespeople as well as sales support. Gannett has been coddling their execs for so long there is no wonder they have a God complex. Not sure why they have chosen to accelerate the death of Gannett. Maybe a scorched earth response to the failed Tronc deal? Oh well, if they were bright, they wouldn't be working for Gannett.

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So to pick up where last post left off. Karen has been relocated to the Indianapolis location. Adam Norton is. Ow the Peformance manager. 85% of Call center staff has been given a severance package which is scheduled to go in effect 01/01/2019. Remaining employees have been put into retention position. It would have been nice if all employees had an option to get a severance package. The management is doing there best to be positive but there is no transparency. For this organization to survive they should really consider giving upper management severance packages. They have no concern or understanding of the call center. And now it seems as though they re considering the severance packages that they have given out. Now, do they seriously think that the individuals they basically fired want to cancel there severance to help an organization that has showed employees they don’t care about them or there families time and time again?

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