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Freshers at any cost don't join this company

They fired hundreds of freshers silently last year. Rmg's treat freshers like sh-- and won't help them in finding projects. Freshers will be waiting for that day where they will be placed in a project. Suddenly one day HR calls and warns you to put your resignation by EOD or else they will terminate you. Even hell will be better than being in bench in this company. They didn't gave call letter for more than 7000 students this year. Now CEO is telling 94% of engineers are useless in our country. Can he same words in some communist countries like China or Russia? Boycott anything related to Mahindra.

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i think it's high time youth in our country should realize getting into this corporate companies which runs purely on capitalistic principles will turn harmful at one point or an other. i was flabbergasted when the CEO of this firm simply said that majority of the youth are useless in our country. This guy earned crores by the sweat of these students. Now he is simply trying to discard them as cheap labour model is no longer viable.

That alone is enough for us to understand how tech mahindra works. when their CEO itself is such a coward and a greedy bastard what can you expect from his subordinates? its high time government should react on this

situations like this where people feel betrayed by the system and realise that it only favours the rich leads to dangerous consequences.

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same situation in all the small firms tech m has taken over - once the step in the culture get s spoiled and mistrust and extreme short term focus on immediate profits. Most of thee sr mgmt has stakes on share trading entities and that seems to be the main revenue and the jobs in tech m side business

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Well said tech Mahindra has become a huge taboo in job market now a days. Anand Mahindra's biggest blunder was merger of Satyam which was a top seeded company.

He couldn't handle Satyam customers and many of them left. As of now company has only a countable number of clients. Even if one of the account gets closed it will send shock waves across the whole organisation and the management immediately falls into cost cutting mode.

God knows how many lives these guys have screwed. Even their working certificate holds no value.

People should move out of this company as soon as possible or else they will sink along with it.

CEO is a media frenzy person who doesn't know the spelling of LEADERSHIP.

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if freshers are not good then 99% of recruiters have no recruiting skills - first fire them

why are the IITian not joining MM group or tech m- there is no utilisation plan at all.

they may deliberately hiring unfit candidates so that they can be fired easily later. Also good candidates dont fit into tecm's negative culture.

99% of tractors sold by mahindra are substandard not fit for agricultural use and fit for only rural transport,

delicate his mini trucks jeeto, maximo, after 2 years they are fit for scrap yard.

mahindra e cole central churns out junk graduates...

freshers are hired to show government that these folks have created new jobs and claim tax break and once the tax claim is made fire them and hire new batch ....

if freshers are not good then 99% of recruiters in this for have no recruiting skills - first fire them

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