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How much is the severance pay for the employees laid off?

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if you are asking about severance, you must be fishing or phishing... policy was distributed end of March, emailed to every employee and posted on the web. If you as an employee chose not to read it, well, too bad. if you were laid off, read your packet. If you somehow, miraculously, are STILL an employee (albeit a lazy one), look it up on the intranet. if you are a phisher, you may not be familiar with the company's privacy policies which include termination for disclosing private information.

People, stop replying to this!!!

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To @TRhpR0Y-ipw: there are fewer SMEs than ever. At least four from BW that I have relied on within the last year are now gone. It’s going to hurt big time.

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I met someone after work. She was 21 years with BFDS, said her package was two werks for every year and capped at 26 weeks.

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People in my area got 10 weeks and 6 months of health insurance, had worked here less than 3 years.

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Today’s layoff cut deep. Is anyone still left that actually knows the business?

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who all got the severance pay email last week in re: to the merger?

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2 weeks per year, 6month health insurance and no unemployment after.

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