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eBay used to be a company to be proud to work for!

Our CIO is one of the biggest "all me and only me" types that ever walked the earth. Shareholders have got to wake up and smell the air - they have to ACTIVELY police the executives activities as they are representing a threat to the longevity of the company. Since when are bank executives the right choice, please tell me? Just have them leave. Meanwhile, while we are working on finding new jobs please ensure that no eBay executive leaves the company (in order to prevent them from f---ing up other companies). eBay used to be a company to be proud to work for, but that's not the case any more.

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eBay has many of the same toxic issues as other companies in Silicon Valley (or maybe more), there is a lot of nepotism when it comes to layoffs, hiring, promotions, discrimination in employment and promotions, the place is saturated with political back-stabbing and a-- kissing on an epic scale

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