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Arbitration Agreement

I'm only an adjunct so any severance issues don't apply to me... but there is an open question if the arbitration agreements signed with EDMC when originally hired transferred over to DCEH. Nor am I a lawyer but am someone quite interested in it.

I certainly never signed anything new once the buyout happened. To my knowledge, full timers did not either.

“The policy may be debatable but the law is clear: Congress has instructed that arbitration agreements like those before us must be enforced as written,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote for the majority in a 2018 SCOTUS case. But the arbitration agreement as written would have been exclusively with EDMC.

I wonder if an argument could be made that the cause for any class action happened after DCEH took over.

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Most arbitration agreements, and they cover most interactions (just sign this) between the good guys and the bad guys, require you to give up your right to sue for redress of grievances either as an individual or group (class) in a court of law with a jury of your peers.

In arbitration you ALWAYS lose and the suits know it. Just another lowdown aspect of why decent people have hated these people whether EDMD or DCEH for so long and won't let it go.

Just ask the students about this, they will tell you all you need to know and if you've never been taken advantage of by an organization like this now you know.

But I suspect you've known all along and were hoping against hope that self deception would carry the day. The Dream BSers probably felt the same.

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I went through the alternative dispute resolution process and think it was worth it. If you think you have a case consult with an attorney who specializes in this area. Mine was great and did not require a retainer up front. He got paid on the back end.

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good luck with arbitration, u stand no chance

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