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Remaining outlook

With big companies like Conagra and pinnacle becoming one.. what is the out look for Tyson and HF brands?

Do you think to cut cost and become more profitable that lay offs will occur in the next 6mo at corporate level?

Would recommend the company to a friend to start employment at this time with Tyson/HF?

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Hillshire's CEO became ConAgra's CEO and guess what? Same plan- become brands, move to Chicago (in the end partly at what? A huge expense I would imagine for a company that is primarily retail and therefore wouldn't have many customer visits) and try to buy Pinnacle (again) because he didn't get it the first time. I wouldn't recommend it. Used to it was a good company with room to move up but now unless you are from Chicago or graduated from Harvard, Stanford or some school on the east coast you're regarded as dumber than the rest of the applicants- or an MBA requirement to do a non-MBA job. Cool club they created there. At the end of the day they will begin to operate like Wal-Mart- no regard for employees and try to indoctrinate the ones they have with stockholm's ( ) and then do layoffs to offset the EXORBITANT Mckenzie & Associates consulting fees. Wal-Mart has even gone so far as to making meetings that employees can't make and then firing them for insubordination to avoid severance costs and it's only a matter of time before Chicago figures out they can do it too.

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Are you asking about layoffs beyond the 550 that were already planned for corporate? I think they’ll start there but we’ll have to wait and see if those cuts are enough. Q2 numbers were off but they still think the year will be good overall.

As for starting a career? It’s a good place to work so why not. No job lasts forever so why not take a good one even if it’s temporary?

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