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I’m an employee at an AI in California and the postings about school closures are true. Back in January, our SDOA explained to us that July is crucial for us. We want to be standing with flying colors so DCEH can look towards us. SDOA saying this day in and day out was an indication that DCEH were only keeping schools that were performing.

It’s sad but true.

Keep it clean when the news comes out and it was nice working with everyone. We are one of the schools that are safe but certain employees WILL be let go from the schools that are staying open.

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This is correct but AICa-H is far from safe. It is just likely to be the last to die because well, location, location, location. The new “semester “ programs they are rolling out at what would have been the start of winter quarter are a joke.

The worst part is that they are still actively recruiting students. There is an open house this Saturday. Talk about bait and switch. If anyone is in a position to be there and warn perspective students to Run please do it. If there are any current students reading this, go protest and don’t let any more students get screwed. You can get a better education at any community college and not go ito debt. Not because the faculty isn’t great at what they do, but because they aren’t going to stick around and be party to this unethical b---s---. They are messing with students lives and this is NOT OK!

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