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Who is waiting for the merit raise

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Bubba is the useless mechanical engineer now a useless manager in Erie.

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2% is better than 0%. It's appreciated in these lean times when it could have very easily have been omitted completely.

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2% not good

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That is so true! And everyone noticed and saw this and NO it did not help the morale of the company. It was always the same people receiving the spotlights JUST for doing their job! The people that did their job and did it well was never recogonized becaused they worked hard every day and did their job! It is easy when you don't do nothing and then do a little so they recogonize them over and over

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When that 'Spotlight on Excellence' awards program was around, it was obvious Supervisors from the 'Facilities' and 'IT' department(s) handed out gold and platinum awards like candy to their employees, trying to 'game the system' and make-up for the merit increase freeze. Ya'll would see the same employees being given high praises and awards for doing what they was suppose to be doing. It happened to a lesser degree in Subsea Services, but what I saw there was employees being given 2, 3, or 4 awards for the same dang thing. That's the Supervisor's fault, because only the Supervisor can approve the award for the employee, so they were turning a blind eye to multiple awards, and approving duplicate awards, anyways. These Supervisors should be ashamed of themselves, they seem to think their budget is their personal money, and have no regards for the profitability of the corporation. At the end of they day it is upper management's fault at various levels for allowing this to happen. It causes more damage than good to the morale of truly dedicated employees that witness such favoritism and unevenness within the company. Nuff said about the 'Wall'....

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2% of the day it is a slap on the face

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I actually know quite a few people the last few years that consistently received merit raises. Not just 2% but more so the 3-5%. Hell, I knew a few that got around 6% and still got laid off. Funny how everyone that received it keep hush hush about, even when there are tremendous amount of turmoil and low moral within the company.

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How much are we getting?

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2017 Dougie comp. $ 8mm, MaryAnn comp. $, what else do you need to know...

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Who is Bubba? Always hearing his name.

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Not bubba

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