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Layoffs at IGT

Layoffs happening in Reno as part of "restructuring". I saw several people being walked out on Friday, mostly long-time employees. This company has no loyalty to anyone anymore, it's time for all of us to drop our loyalties and leave on our own terms.

Bumped from @TTHxgke-2gcy for important info.

Also, does anybody know if this is done or will there be more layoffs any time soon?

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Loyalty? To what?

Seriously, that frame of mind is absurd. You work, you get paid, end of story. It's really that simple.

When work ends- you don't get paid. When the job ends, you find another job. That's reality.

That is the attitude from above, and it should be your's too. Honestly, that is life in any factory, and make no mistake about it, you work in a factory. So remove those pictures of your dog, your family, ANYTHING that makes you human at work. You are nothing short of a walking corpse, get used to it.

AGAIN- ANY emotional investment in anyone above you or around you is utter nonsense. Those company arse lickers in HR are nothing short of propaganda ministers in charge of creating a smoke screen for incompetence at the top. Their sole aim is to provide cover for any legal threat, real or imagined.

Therefore, NEVER trust them, they are not there for you; no matter the warm and fuzzy programs they create, those are designed to make you drop your guard. Never complain to them, everything is 'GREAT!!!'

Lastly, stock holders do not buy IGT stock because of 'loyalty'. Neither do the board members.

Think this is all cynical? Prove me wrong. You can't. Because the bottom line is this: invest in what you love (which means time and treasure), discard what you don't. You don't have forever, why waste your precious life on these salt rockets?

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Field service might be outsourced. Talks going on now.

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Lay-offs in Service delivery (Interactive) as well. (QA, PMO)

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I’m curious to hear additional rumors about this as well. What areas has this impacted?

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