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All Ai College Students are Going to be Online Only Soon

Re-posted from DCEH board:

I was on this call this morning, was debating as to how I can leak this info without making my position to obvious to our boys upstairs, and it's already on the board!

I'll provide what ever extra I can though.

The bullet points:

Yes, all students will eventually be transferred to Ai Online (yes all of them, details below)

Yes, the campuses that will remain open (for example the two here in California) will become DCEH Art Institute Learning Centers (these will not be degree granting institutions)

So just a couple of additional details not mentioned in the initial post:

The types of courses that will be held at the learning centers will be (as a user here already guessed) vocational style training. Specifically software training- think 8 week training programs in Maya, Adobe, Pro Tools, etc...

This would be run through funding (at least here in California) through the state. Students generally will not take out loans or pay for these programs, rather the the state will assuming these students are learning skills that will make them more employable.

The original poster is partially correct about students all going online. Not all Ai leftovers will become centers immediately. As one becomes a center, the students will transfer to remaining schools in the area. Only when all Ai schools are converted will they be told Online is the only option (or of course transferring out).

Also the feeling we all got on the call was the DCEH really has little interest in keeping the College students even online, they have realized that federal dollars are going away, so this new strategy is targeting state money.

Well there you go. Take the info as you will.

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Middle States may pull AiO accreditation August 31, even so, AiO will stay open, many “Christian” colleges operate with in-house or independent accreditation.

The degrees will be useless for anything other than self enrichment or missions.

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Will Miami International University of Art and Design ( MIUAD ) remain open?

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OMG, For someone who "claims" to have been on the call, how can you get so much of this wrong? Were you sleeping or just hearing the voices in your own head? Please and i am begging you here, post only what you know to be true. I heard part of the call and this is not at all what was talked about . . there will be Ai sites left open and functioning exactly as they are. Yes, they want to add non degree programs but those will be online as it makes no sense to keep expensive property open unless you have a real ground campus with real ground students. I am sure we all have friends who are still employed by Ai or DC or whoever they are and they certainly don't need inaccurate information making their lives any more unstable than they already are. I for one HOPE to keep my job and love my students - hopeful in CA.

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Only a matter of time until they're all closed and gone for good... erased from history! Finally!!!

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Brent Richardson is making out fat

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An interesting idea. Aren't the states pretty cash strapped right now? With everything else on their plate, do they have the money to throw at these online programs?

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