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Marcelo says RIF will not impact sales!

I was approached by Sprint in an endeavor to start a business team in my state. I was reluctant at first but thought it could work and was impressed by Masoyoshi Son and thought the company could head in the right direction so I made the move from a great company. Sprint also spoke of network improvements in the state which influenced my decision.

I quickly learned that Sprint was all about defending their network which needs improvement and the company was all talk and no action. The service was poor here and they never followed through with their plans to build out the network. The service depicted on coverage maps wasn't accurate at all and though I brought a lot of accounts to the table, most backed out when they were provided demos. Areas listed as 4G LTE typically ran at dial up speeds or worse.

That being said, Sprint wasn't willing to invest in the network it needed to compete in the business space. I would say their 5G service will be spotty as well and they will never catch up with a company like Verizon who fixes drop call and coverage issues. I worked at VZ and those problems were not acceptable.

Even through all of the challenges, I was doing well with targeting customers that could make due with mediocre coverage and seemed to be gaining traction. Then Marcelo announced on a town hall that he was reducing EVPs from 16 to 8 and the EVP that I reported to was let go. I knew it didn't sound good for our newly formed team. A day or two later, Marcelo sent out an email ensuring that sales teams would not be impacted.

Fast forward two weeks, and our entire team was severed by a company that makes plans and does not go through with them whether it is improving the network to world class or putting a business team together and allowing time for it to establish itself. They were never a competitor in this state for business customers and probably never will be. All talk and no follow through. How can you compete for business customers in a state that only had a Sprint business team established for 9 months.

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I’m sorry you were lied to (we all have been there) and that you upended your life and integrity for this company. The golden parachutes were negotiated long ago and its no skin off their back when Humpty Dumpty falls for good.

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