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Now that Wabtec baught GE transportation will it keep locomotive plant in Erie PA?

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Guys, I'm sorry to say, it is becoming apparent to me that WABTEC is just a corporate takeover machine to increase shareholder earnings and stock value.

What does that mean for us? If you get bought by them like we have (Motive Power Boise) they will gut you for profit, and invest nothing into you, demanding increased profits and reduced cost.

They will now bleed you dry and drive your workforce into the ground, so lean that you will bleed. And they will fight the union tooth and nail to get you to work for as cheap as possible.

And If you really want to know the facts currently... contact the 302 Union in Boise... They'll probably be able to give ya an earful.

Plus we were the first large company Wabtec swallowed, so what they did to us will be a good comparison to what you can expect.

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Nope! Too many whiny union people!

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