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Done for now?

What are the chances that we are done with layoffs at Nuance for now after this week? Or since it was focused mostly at one location can we expect it to spill over into the next week in other locations?

Without knowing this is not going to be a fun weekend, I can tell already.

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You must be kidding, they're far from done with layoffs. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of transcriptionists with "full-time" jobs who are only being supplied enough work for 5-10 hours a week, and if you have to quit before you go bankrupt they hand you a bill for your health insurance premiums that you haven't been making enough money to pay! Despicable company rotting from the head down.

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Most likely, it's done now. I left Nuance a couple of months ago on my own. There are layoffs every couple of months. Some of them small enough that you won't read about them here. Most of the time, managers / directors are asked by corporate ahead of time if they want to participate in the layoffs and get rid of a couple of people. Sometimes, the corporate offices demand a certain number of employees (typically by division.)

What's interesting about this round is that the Imaging Division just started putting people into Pune about 18 months ago. Most in software development, but also technical support and renewal sales. There were then long term plans to lay off people in those functions in North America and EMEA after the India resources have come up to speed. Ironically, May 2018 was targeted about a year ago as a big layoff in the Americas / Europe to reduce headcount after the India teams have come up to speed. Apparently, that plan wasn't quite thought through as word is now that everybody in Imaging in India was laid off. I am sure that there is more to the story - maybe it's just that there is a new General Manager for Imaging since January, a new head of product management and engineering, and now the new CEO.

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