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Sprint>Nextel=BAD T-Mobile>Sprint=BAD both = massive layoffs

This is insane, Sprint merged with Nextel and that cause a 35 Billion loss and 35 Billion tax write off and 30 thousand employees were laid off. And now this merger with T-Mobile. Well the tables have turned. Now it will be Sprint to take the massive hit like Nextel did. T-mobile will gut Sprint just like Sprint gutted Nextel. It's coming! It's your future at Sprint. The only thing most of us can hope for is the government says no way, Sprint files for bankruptcy and Sprint is sold off in sections to the other carriers. I hate Sprint.... a crap company that outsourced it's entire network engineering and op's to an overseas company... Sprint deserves to die, not merge and then killed off.... Word of advice from a 15 year former Sprint Employee.... leave now while you can or get axed or outsourced all over again. T-mobile does not want the employees and you will see this once the merge is OK'd.... start counting your employment days Sprint folks.... T-Mo will gut you all just like Sprint did to Nextel, mark my words!

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