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Good luck

I left a while back and got a good job with a stable company. The shining light of the transition was the guy who got rid of all the people making a difference in HR and then claimed that the programs they created and he tried to kill were his ideas and initiatives.

You have a welder in charge of Americas hr who thinks there is no need for hr on project sites. He has never worked as hr on a mega project.

You have an hris lady takin credit for implementations that happened before she worked there.

Those are the examples of the talent you kept.

You are so screwed.

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HR is one of the biggest problems in Corporate America. They are one of the most hated groups in a company. They really have no skills that add to the bottom line but they have gained so much power. The Houston HR department is one of the worst I have seen. They sweep crooked stuff under the rug. All they are is paper pushers and a arm for the legal department.

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Easy. Networking & staffing agencies. Ton of jobs out there right now.

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How did you find your new job?

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