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What a mess.....

Man did DTV get dicked over by AT&T. DTV is decimated and almost worthless now.....Time Warner soon to be the next victim


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DTV was a good company to work for. When ATT bought us it became a S%$T show and how quick they turned DTV into garbage!! I worked for DTV for 9 years, thanks for the memories, they are on there death bed and soon will be gone forever!!! Thanks ATT for killing another competitor!!! Job well done. FY ATT!!!!

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DTV actually dicked itself. You can thank your engineering leaders who in 2013 thought SOA and SOAP based web services was going to be the next big thing for DTV (ROFLMAO!)

Based on their utter incompetency, Mike White had no choice but to sell to T.

I hear these retards are still venerated leaders at the new T. They've now moved over to containerization, a full 5 to 8 years behind the curve ;)

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