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Power Division not so powerful!

So, all the focus is on Houston. What’s the future of the Charlotte Office? From what is seen in the field you have a dysfunctional group, it appears that much work is required to unite the CB&I legacy employees and Shaw Group. Remember there’s no “I “ in team, field management only interested in their own agenda...remember kids you must come together to accomplish a goal. Personnel is in dire need of direction, maybe McDermott will foster good management and discipline to save this out of control group, or maybe they’ll sell the Power Division to put it out of its misery? One suggestion, please evaluate your management staff, seems there’s a lot of entitled employees that would never succeed at another company, open your eyes, you do have employees that care

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Power division is really powerful and the real innovator. Love the use of silo coal media and the video proposal the PM and his ladies out together to secure all those great projects. We should try eBay next.

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And there's no U in McDermott. Your not special here. Give up your individuality. Forsake your family. There are no other jobs out there so do what we say or find your place in line at the soup kitchen.

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This is so insightful. Thank you for sharing. I feel blessed to have read this. I did not know there is no I in team. Thank you.

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