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Lifeline Provided

If your company (A) was just bailed out by another company (B) because company A's projects were hemorrhaging losses then something needed to be done. If the leader of company B decides that a shift in work schedule to see if working every business day will improve the poor project execution than so be it.

The reality is that company B provided company A a very much needed lifeline. I hope company A people can see this and be thankful for the chance to turn things around. I can see where the location change can be hard on some people but having a HQ in the woodlands for this kind of business was poor vision.

Change is not for everybody but it is here. No better time to measure your self worth.

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Vision?! Like "A NEW KIND OF COMPANY?" And what does that even mean? To customers? To investors? To employees? Are investors turned on by evasiveness and ambiguity? Do employees like round after round of layoffs? Does the c suite really not know what kind of company? Or do they not want to admit that it's "A not-digital GE-wannabe post-industrial industrial company with early-industrial-age employee benefits."

Much clearer.

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I will tell you how bad CB&I projects was. On one of the big LNG projects, everyday they would want us to update the schedule. Then when you gave it back, scheduling didn't do anything with it. The next day the same thing would happen again. Guess you were not telling scheduling what they wanted to hear.

Wasting an engineers time like that is not good business practice. You cannot fix stupid. Get it together.

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This main post is made up horseshit. There was no connection between flex days and project losses, nuclear losses, or debt problems. And flex days were not dropped to fix these problems. BTW no flex days on projects. You seem to know nothing about EPC or what happened at CBI. Yet you talk out your a-- as if CBI personnel are children who don't know what's good for them. Let's hope enough knwledgeable CBI people stick around to keep this new kind of company going.

Woodlands campus to be sold for money. So Woodlands personnel had to move out. "Integration" works better with colocation. So sent to Eldridge. Energy Corridor picked for the convenience of MDR execs. One set of HR policies were needed for all employees in the same facility so flex days days dropped.

Now tell me how we have no business from clients in the woodlands ...

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The real problem is that CB&I let project management, scheduling, document controls and purchasing run over there engineers. Then CB&I Houston started hiring unskilled professionals to save labor cost. If you knew things were not right and said something, they would run you off to shut you up.

Task force does not work CB&I. You need to be departmentalized and the managers need to know what they are doing. CB&I Houston gave CB&I engineering a bad name, period.

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To CBI whiners, McDermott took over CBI and gave you a job as a onesided act of charity, strictly for your benefit. McDermott gets nothing in return. If you don't want it, if you don't like it, don't let the door hit you in the a-- in the way out. We don't need you.We can run your company, f---ing babies. Waaah! Waaah! You make all of us sick.

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Logically flawed. HQ location did not cause PROJECT LOSSES or mismanagement of debt from The Shaw Group buyout. Plenty of clients out that way. It is the future of the energy business. HQ location allowed CBI to attract much better quality employees than here. If you really mean CBI doesn't exist anymore and new management calls the tune we dance to regardless of reasons then okay.

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Good sermon, Reverend McCubicle. Condescension is a great teaching method.

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Just don’t let the company A Corp enviro lady push through CMS type rules for Environmental. If that happens be prepared for roadblock after roadblock of pointless rules.

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Not all projects are in bad shape. But due to a small few CB&I ended up in the situation it did.

McDermott took that opportunity to buy/merge.

Changes will be ongoing, some good some not.

At the end of the day need to do what’s best for you individually.

Hopefully once the dust settles we start winning and executing some work.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself !!

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