Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

Is COO Pick a Coo-Coo Decision?

OMG Like another Technip alum? For real? Like are they homesick and like buying Technip next?

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You have to wonder if they are second guessing this decision as technipfmc takes them to court for IP infringement.

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So why do we need to be in the Energy Corridor?? Just to take a big sh-- on the heads of the vanquished?

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The selection of the COO is a clear sign of the future focus of the company. Asia, India, Middle East. MDR has already relocated most shared services to India and have most of their engineering capabilities there as well. Look forward to more transfer of assets to low cost centers, India Mexico Malaysia.

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No good choices already at MDR? Or will he be the unsentimental axman in the coming bloodbath?

I'm getting me a book of Gandhi quotes.

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Coo is usually heir apparent to CEO. Double d must think the board will never fire him and make this guy the new ceo. I wish double-d cared about my job half as much

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So Cbi did the same thing and that makes this a good decision or a bad decision?

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CB&I made the same mistakes with all of its mergers. When you have bean counters running the company, this is what you get. Mergers and cost cutting. How did that work out for CB&I, or GE as far as that goes?

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