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Hundreds of millions

Contractor on $1.4 billion Louisiana project cites cost overruns as it cancels two CB&I contracts. Copy this link and paste in your browser to see more:

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This is a bogus report. There was only one contract. We lost 2 departments. And that was because of the client messing with the original contract. It was a simple de scope not a loss of contract. And it was mutual.

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No lo comprendo. Ingles por favor.

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Everyone makes mistakes, including you! That is because we are human, hello! The key is learning from your mistakes and having some common sense.

I guess you can look at lesson learned in the computer and see if you can figure out what you are doing. Do they make software for that?

I made a mistake by hiring on at CB&I. It was good at first, years ago. Then computers took over with people not having any common sense. What a mistake :).

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Wao! Look for professional autocorrect software before it's too late.

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Wao! Look for professional psyquiatry services before it's too late.

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Not much to talk about when you are dealing with a worthless company. How's those profits doing now that you have cut so many corners that you cut yourself out of business? Guess they do not teach you about that in business school.

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Have we all run out of things to say? Starting to see copied comments!

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MDR bought a bag of crap when they bought CB&I. The CB&I executive team had already drained the company by the time MDR had bought them. The technology is old and there is not many people left that know what they are doing. Got to love the business people, crooks.

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MDR is broke. Not paying any bills or expense reports.

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That hurt you because you are an MDR or an ex-CB&I?

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Is "Hundreds of Millions" the number of times you are going to re-post the same thing?

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