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reorganization in IT?

Was there a reorganization in IT? Three employees from my department are moving to other departments. Two were transferred, and one claims that a job was created (it does not show on the organizational hierarchy chart), she interviewed for it, and was offered the position, which she claims is a promotion, even though she didn't make her goals. All three employees are moving on the same date, July 23, which makes it sound like all three were transfers, and out of the employees' control.

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Another employee from our department is moving to a different position in an different division, and it is a promotion like the other employee I mentioned. She seems to have been moved without applying for the position, too. Her duties are being divided up amongst the other employees. Like the previous employee I mentioned, this employee did not do a good job, and is one of the " protected" employees, as was the other employee didn't do a good job, and was moved over and promoted. It must be nice to be protected and to be able to do poor work and get promoted. It's very obvious who is protected and who is not.

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We had a similar moves last year in the Solaris organisation. If it is the same process, the 'moved' ppl are to be kept and the rest let go.

Fingers crossed this is not the case!

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