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Are layoffs still happening in CTS at US or India offices?

I had read those mass layoff news last year(2017), since then I've not seen any news like that. Though I do not work at CTS, but I've heard things that these guys are resorting to a wicked game now; every week people are shown the door(4-5 employees every Friday). All this is happening behind the doors so as to escape mass layoff news in the press. Is this true?

Can anyone share his/her story mentioning the role and designation!

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To [Post ID: @U9sokcU-1aql], I suppose you're employed with TechM. But I've heard confirmed stories from other people in IBM, Accenture, Wipro etc. This is really sad.

Though there are other options, instead of working for these middlemen/brokers, directly working for the business/client would actually be a win-win situation for both the parties. These brokers are worried only about their margins, hence recruiting low wage/experience workers, but this is also backfiring to a great extent. Clients are looking for robust and high performing products that last for at least 10 years and they've started taking technical interviews for the developers working on their product.

Agreed that clients were operating as general stores earlier and what ever these brokers used to tell them, they had to agree to pay that. But now they've grown smarter. Most of them have full-fledged development teams and some have a sort of mini-development teams. This is a paradigm shift now.

But working directly for business could be tough as they'll have to provide you remote working options. And they'll not do this unless you've certain credibility in the tech world. Work on your skillset depth and breadth wise, have online presence that speaks about you.

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this is happening and it is framework(daily firing of few people in every office in each city) developed by tech mahindra and shared acorss industry thro nasscom.

it is very wicked and destroys career of professional who have 10 years exp and more as the data is shared and rehring in other nasscom regitered companies implicitly blocked even if person reskills and clears technical and other interviews else where the offer letter is not approved by management and is kept on hold for ever.

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