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More layoffs coming to Procter & Gamble

We finally know that 3,000 people have been laid off in the past year by P&G. The worst part is that we now know for sure many more are to come.

I'm wondering if we will ever again have anything that even resembles job security in this company. This has been going on for nearly six years now. Not sure how much more my nerves can take.

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According to the Cincinnati Enquirer -- which notoriously coddles P&G -- the total reduction in headcount is 3.2% so far, down to 92,000 employees worldwide. They report that 36,000 employees have been laid off since 2012.

The problem facing this city is that 10,000 people here work for P&G. The apparent mismanagement and subsequent workforce reductions could heavily-damage an already-struggling local economy.

Procter & Gamble disclosed Tuesday it has shrunk its payroll to 92,000 worldwide – 3,000 fewer jobs than a year ago, a 3.2 percent reduction in headcount.

More job cuts are coming, the company said.

The consumer products giant employs about 10,000 in Greater Cincinnati. It has been under intense pressure to lower costs as its restructuring efforts have dragged on for much of this decade and sales growth has failed to rebound.

Tuesday's disclosure revealed the company paid separation packages to 2,700 former employees in the latest fiscal year ended June 30 – including 1,300 in the fourth quarter.

Cincinnati-based P&G has cut 36,000 jobs since it first announced major layoffs in the spring of 2012.

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I frame the retirement gift they give. Usually 20-30 a year for many years. They’ve just ordered 200.

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Our plant in Mehoopany PA has been k--led by cost cutting. They have been firing all the higher tech levels and most of the lines sit idle since there is not enough people to run them.

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their doing the same in their plant in ireland,i agree totaly with what you said plant in ireland 3 years max

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I hear you, I work in South Boston at Gillette and it's a sin how bad they devastated that brand that was once on top of the world with 83% market share and thrived for 115 years.

In just about 10 years, the insane business logic that P&G drives so hard undid everything. The worst part about it is they will never admit that it was because of their useless business practices and logic that caused it's demise. They hire twenty something years olds straight out of college, put them in big time management positions who have nothing for experience or leadership skills, and they continue to ruin what was an efficient and extremely prosperous operation in the name of 'cost savings' only to serve themselves and advance their own career, handing off a s**t show to the next guy.

As it stands right now, literally half the plant is empty space, people with 20, 25, 30+ years in that site are literally quitting by the dozens and all these POS managers do is celebrate the cost savings gained from losing another extremely talented technician while adding additional workloads on to those still left. We were recently told we would be affected by cost of living increase/pay freezes for the next 5 years and wages for any new hires (which they refuse to hire new talent anyway) would be significantly reduced.

By my own observations and conclusions, I truely believe the site has 2-5 years left before it's finally shut down and moved. I hope I'm wrong, but its very hard to believe otherwise.

Should that be the case, I hope to God Nelson Pelts gets his way/plan and lays off 10,000 middle management employees, much like the ones I previously described for spreading their cancer and killing a world class brand.

Best of luck to you.

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